Admin Note: This webinar has passed. Please check this video recording of the webinar.

SHIFT is a multi-country programme funded by the Global Fund that aims to ensure that transition countries have sustainable, cost-effective and strategically allocated funding for their HIV responses covering key populations and civil society organizations. The project is implemented regionally, focusing on four countries in Asia-Pacific that are approaching transition: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand.

The webinar series is intended to increase knowledge among community and civil society activists and organizations on examples of ongoing community and civil society-led initiatives/programmes that engage with transition processes and sustainability planning.

Save the date for this first webinar that will provide an overview of the SHIFT programme and some of its essential components and structure.

October 31st, 2017 at 14:00 CET (check time zones here)

Webinar will be in ReadyTalk (please click this link)

Greg Gray – Australian Federation of AIDS Organization (AFAO)
Ryan Figueiredo –APCOM

Rico Gustav – ICSS/Civil Society Sustainability Network (CSSN)