In 2016, StopAIDS UK created the Middle Income Countries mailing list. The mailing list was intended to provide a safe discussion space for civil society, communities and key population activists that are working on (or concerned about) donor withdrawal from middle-income countries, country transition process, and sustainability of disease response post-transition era.

During the 2016 Amsterdam meeting where civil society, communities and key population activists discussed sustainability and transition issues, the idea of having a network that serves as communication and coordination platform around STC issue was agreed upon, and thus CSSN was established.

To avoid overburdening activists with another mailing lists, and to ensure that CSSN does not overlap with ongoing initiatives and instead strengthen and support different types of STC-related initiatives, it was decided that CSSN will co-managed the mailing list with StopAIDS UK. Furthermore, CSSN will also work through Global Fund Advocates Network (GFAN) communication channels such as their mailing lists and Facebook Platforms.

While at the moment the use of Middle-Income Transition Countries mailing list has been limited as CSSN finalized its strategic framework, the idea is to have the mailing list properly moderated in the near future, with lively and dynamic thematic mailing list discussions.

To join the Middle-Income Transition Countries mailing list, please send an email to